Small wastewater treatment plant

A small wastewater treatment plant can be used as a sewage and wastewater treatment plant in smaller households or holiday cottages. Sales of small wastewater treatment plant has increased the last couple of years due to its low power consumption and because they are easy to install. As the small wastewater treatment plant is pre-fabricated the installation is minimal which is of great interest to most customers and one of the main reasons why they chose this solution. The product which we have tested is popular in Denmark and rest of Europe as it is one of the most reliable and inexpensive solutions on the market. Depending on your need, the small wastewater treatment plants come in a varaity of sizes with capacities ranging from 700 to 18.000 litres per day. Some of the higher capacity wastewater treatment plant can handle up to multiple houses on the same system. You can see our recommended solutions and see if they can be used to your needs.