Vertical radiator

We have found this producer of radiator that makes vertical radiators. A vertical radiator is really useful in a modern building, where there is limited wall space. The vertical radiator makes perfect use of the space in height and can almost become a piece af art as well as a functional element. The vertical radiator is also available with towel racks or pegs, so that the vertical radiator can be used in the bathroom. The manufacturer can deliver vertical radiators in standard sizes, or they can make a customised design for a vertical radiator that is suitable for a specific building.

Radiator cover

The same manufacturer produces a radiator cover that consists of panels that go around an existing radiator. The radiator cover ensures a low surface temperature and has rounded edges, making it very suitable for hospitals, institutions etc. The radiator cover furthermore has a rounded top, so that drinks and other items can not be placed at the top thus making cleaning easier.