Rotary valves

Are you in need of rotary valves? Here you can find one of the market's leading suppliers of rotary valves. This supplier produces high quality rotary valves, combining great production knowledge with the newest technology in the field. This manufacturer can supply you with rotary valves for a number of purposes, for example for very abrasive products, for free flowing materials and for conveying plastic granulates etc.

Rotary airlocks

Likewise the same manufacturer can provide you with rotary airlocks. This company has more than 80 years of experience in producing high quality rotary airlocks - ensuring that you get rotary airlocks that meet all of your needs and with a supreme life time. Rotary airlocks are mostly used for entering or extracting material from chambers with different pressure levels. The airlocks can often supplement as a measuring device. To hear more about the range of rotary airlocks, please do not hesitate to contact this supplier for more information.