Crate washer and bin washer

Are you looking for a crate washer or a bin washer? Here you can find one of the world's leading suppliers of bin washer and crate washer. You can get at bin washer that handle 200-300 L bins and which can process between 10 to 200 bins per hour. it is also possible to get a bin washer either as a stand alone solution or as a fully automated and integrated line.

Efficient bin washer and crate washer

You can get a crate washer that is suited to your requirements. This supplier offers two systems of crate washer, one that can handle 50-700 crates per hour and one that can process 400-5000 crates per hour. Both systems of crate washer are adaptable so they can handle most of the different sizes and shapes of the crates you need to clean.