Tub Washer

Tub Washer from this company is sure to cover your needs for high quality and hygiene. Some of the advantages include: "Modularized system, Hygienic design / HACCP design, The tub is fixed during the washing process, Rotating nozzle system for outside cleaning of tub, Indexing nozzle system for inside cleaning of tubs and Plug and play system." You can contact them for more on their Tub Washer.


Bin Washer

Bin Washer does all the work for you in your industry. This company has over 35 years of experience within this industry and they have many interesting solutions to offer. They have two different models of Bin Washers - the VV1-1 and the VV1-2. They will cover all your needs. To find out which one of the two is best suited your needs, please call them regarding a Bin Washer.